Mom Upset Sister Sold Kids' Hand-Me-Downs

Most of us have given hand-me-down clothes to our siblings, right? But do you expect to get them back after? This mom did, after giving her son's clothes to her sister to use for her twins, but her sister had other plans.

The woman shares on Reddit that she had struggled initially with giving the clothes to her sister, since her sister and her husband are much better off financially than she is -- making $300,000 compared to her $40,000. The OP's son is five years older than the twins, so she did have stuff she could hand down, but she did expect for them to be returned, in hopes that she would use them on a future child she wanted to have.

But, that didn't happen. The OP found out from her own mother that the sister had posted some of the hand-me-down clothes and toys to Craigslist once her kids outgrew them! The OP was furious, and when she tried to speak to her sister, urging her, if anything, to donate the clothes rather than sell them the sister refused. The OP noted, "She became upset and said once you give a person something it isn’t yours and you have no say in what they do with it."

  • Most Reddit users agreed with the mother and understood the frustration. Others agreed with the sister, saying that since she gave them to her sister without saying she wanted them back, she can't be upset. In the end, the mother agreed with all of those who commented saying that the sister was entitled, and made a remark that the sister had always been the favorite anyway.