Experts Say To Stop Panic Buying

We're all a little worried about what could happen with the coronavirus, but experts do have one piece of advice:Stop panic buying.

People are hoarding things like hand sanitizer and toilet paper -- not to mention badly needed surgical masks. And though nobody knows exactly what could happen, supply chain experts all insist that as long as you have enough to get you through 14 days, you'll be fine. Stores aren't running out of that stuff because they're in short supply, but because people are buying way more than they need.

Psychologists say that people panic buy because it gives them a sense of calm when things are uneasy. But that calm is short-lived as you continue to see and hear stories on TV, the radio and the Internet. Better to employ strategies to help keep you grounded:

  • Get outside and exercise.
  • Keep to your basic routines. 
  • Get info from reputable sources like the CDC.
  • Turn off the TV and the Internet for a while.