This Is How To Get Ready For Daylight Saving Time With Kids

This is the weekend daylight saving time starts and it has many parents cringing already. That’s because it’s hard enough to get kids to sleep, but trying to get them to sleep at their normal bedtime that feels an hour earlier to them can be brutal. While we can’t do anything about the time change itself, there are a few things we can do to help our kids adjust to “springing forward.”

  • Avoid screens before bed- This is good sleep advice for kids anytime, but especially when you’re trying to shift their sleep schedule.
  • Take it slow- Don’t try to make kids adjust overnight, some experts suggest switching their bedtime in 15-minute increments over a few nights. Sleep consultantSarah Mitchellsays it depends on the child’s age, she advises adjusting toddlers over one by 20-minutes a day and school-age kids by 30-minutes a day.
  • Stick to that bedtime routine- Whatever your kids are already used to, keep those nightly rituals going. These things remind little ones that it’s time for bed, even if they feel like running around and doing cartwheels.
  • Try meditation or reading before bed- Having older kids listen to a guided meditation, like on the appHeadspace, can do wonders. Even night owl kids may settle down and fall asleep more easily after meditation.
  • Avoid big meals- Try not to feed them a huge dinner two to three hours before bed because it can interfere with sleep.
  • Hang in there- Your kid will eventually get back on their schedule, even if it doesn’t feel like that now.

Source:She Knows