Albuquerque city councilors work to amend loophole in plastic bag ban

From KOB-TV:

Albuquerque city councilors are working to close a loophole in the plastic bag ban that went into effect this year.

The bag ban tried to eliminate single use plastic, but the law says plastic bags that are 2.25 mil thick—or 2.25 thousandths of an inch—would be considered reusable.

Businesses like Walmart have replaced their old thin plastic bags with thicker plastic bags that customers can purchase for 10 cents.

City leaders are working to amend the law to get rid of the thicker plastic bags.

"We want retailers and customers to get used to this. They're trying out new ideas, but if they keep bringing back new plastic bags, we're going to keep banning them and eventually they'll get the message,” Davis said.

Councilman Davis said it is ultimately up to Mayor Keller to decide when the thicker plastic bags will go, but he anticipates the city will try to ban more bags this summer.

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