Drinking Coffee Improves Your Focus

Having a cup of morning coffee may help jump-start your focus and problem-solving skills, but it won't help you be more creative, says a new study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition.The study focused on the effects of caffeine on 80 volunteers' convergent (problem-solving) and divergent (creative) thinking, working memory and mood, UPI reports. Volunteers were given the caffeine equivalent of one cup of strong coffee or a placebo, and researchers found that the caffeine improved problem-solving but didn't have any impact on creative thinking. Researchers also found that caffeine didn't affect memory, but did boost mood, with respondents feeling less sad. "The 200 mg [of caffeine] enhanced problem-solving significantly, but had no effect on creative thinking," study author Darya Zabelina said. "It also didn't make it worse, so keep drinking your coffee; it won't interfere with these abilities." Read more here https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2020/03/09/Coffee-improves-focus-but-not-creativity/1251583762409/?ts_=17