Researchers Say They Can Predict If Couples Will Stay Together

Wouldn’t it be great to know if your relationship is going to last long-term? Well, scientists say they can now predict the success of a relationship. Researchers from Germany and Canada regularly interviewed 2-thousand couples over a seven-year period and claim they can tell whether a couple will stay together or split up.

During the interviews, scientists asked couples how well their needs are being met and how satisfied they were in their relationships. Researchers say behavior during the early days of dating can reveal how the relationship will progress and they found that patterns of behavior show if a partnership is thriving or failing.

So what shows a couple has what it takes to stick together? They found partners who had similar needs, but also wanted to pursue their own interests, usually stayed together longest. Study author Dr.Christine Finnsays, “Predictions as to the longevity of a relationship are definitely possible.” But she points out that couples can work on their mutual interests and on cultivating their closeness and independence, so she says “no relationship is doomed to fail” from the beginning.