How To Manage Stress And Anxiety Around Coronavirus

It’s important to stay informed about the novel coronavirus, but constantly checking to see if a case has been detected in your area or waiting to find out if your work or kids’ school will close can leave some of us stressed out and anxious. If you feel like that’s happening with you, there’s no need to buy a year’s worth of toilet paper and bottled water, try these tips from psychologists and medical doctors.

  • Check the news once per day- Even if it feels relieving to look at the latest news about coronavirus, it can lead to more anxiety. So take the coronavirus alert off your smartphone and set a time to check the news once a day, that way you’re informed, but not constantly thinking about it and knowing every detail.
  • Follow recommendations, but don't go overboard- The CDC recommends the general public take “everyday preventive actions” to help stop the spread of germs, including getting a flu vaccine and washing your hands, not touching your face, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick. Remember that further precautions, including avoiding crowds and stocking up on supplies are recommended only for higher risk people,like older people and those with severe chronic conditions.
  • Focus on the evidence- If you’re prone to thinking of worst-case scenarios, instead of scanning Twitter, try to focus on science-backed information, like checking the mostrecent statistics from the CDC.
  • Focus on helping others- When you’re feeling anxious about getting the coronavirus, try to think about helping other people. If you’re stressing about washing your hands all day to protect yourself, try reframing your thinking that you’re keeping people around you and your community safe.

Source:ABC News