Why the Second Date Is Way More Important Than the First

When it comes to dating, everyone puts a lot of pressure on the first date, but, really, that’s the easy date! According to relationship experts, the first date is like the dress rehearsal for the second date – which is when you actually start getting to know each other.

The second date is when you have a better grasp on whether there is real chemistry without all that nervous energy of the first date. It’s when true colors start leaking out. Here’s why experts say the second date is way more important than the first date:

The stakes are higher: Going on a second date means you are both interested. You’ve gotten past the first impression and now things are getting more real.

You can get a glimpse of how someone really behaves: On the first date, both of you are on your Sunday best behavior, but on the second date the nerves are gone and maybe that initial attraction isn’t what you thought it was … or maybe it’s even better!

The second date can help attraction grow or dwindle: The excitement of date one can sometimes cloud your perception of your date -- for better or worse. On the second date you might find that person more or less attractive -- and it’s an important realization. (Cosmo)