HEALTH: Dry Skin From all That Handwashing?

You’ve been scrubbing your hands like crazy for the past couple weeks, and you’re trying not to touch your face, but now you’ve probably got dry, cracked skin. Dry skin is always a problem in the winter, but combine it with constant hand washing, and you’re likely suffering more than usual. Don’t stop washing, however! Here are some dermatologist approved tips to help save the skin on your hands: 

Never rub your hands dry: Pat them instead -- just like you do with your face and body.

Immediately apply hand cream to lock in the moisture: Stick with creams that are occlusive and oil based because they hold the moisture in. Skip the anti-aging stuff, which promotes skin turnover. You don’t need that when you are repairing your skin’s delicate moisture balance. Avoid anything with fragrance as well, as it can be irritating on cracked skin.

Make sure the soap you are using is gentle: If you wash your hands properly you don’t need to use soap that’s overly drying.

Wear gloves when washing dishes and handling cleaning products: It prevents drying and irritation.

Wear cotton gloves at night: Lather on a thick cream and night and use cotton gloves to give your hands a chance to heal. (Time)