What People Really Plan To Change Because Of The Coronavirus

With the spread of the coronavirus the top news story almost everywhere, we are constantly hearing about precautions we should and could be taking to stop the spread. So, is everyone doing them?

Well, a new "USA Today" poll asked folks what precautions they plan to take and you may be surprised by some of the answers.

  • 59% say they plan to wash their hands more frequently.
  • 25% will stop attending social events.
  • 18% will move from shopping in store to online.
  • 17% are canceling a personal trip.
  • 13% will consider delaying a major purchase/spending.
  • 12% are starting a rainy-day fund.
  • 7% will stop attending religious services.
  • 6% will make changes to their 401K account.
  • 5% will cancel a business trip.
  • 30% none of the above.

As for what the government should be doing to help stop the spread

  • 90% say diagnostic tests for coronavirus should be widely available.
  • Three-fourths are for mandatory quarantines for people coming from China, South Korea, Iran and Italy.
  • Two-thirds are for the passage of legislations to provide paid sick leaves to workers.
  • 39% of people support the canceling of large-scale events, although another 29% are against it. 

Source:USA Today