Sanitizer Stash Seized After Buying 17,700 Bottles to Resell for Profit

Life came fast at brothers Matt and Noah Colvin this weekend after they outed themselves as hand-sanitizer profiteers amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, Matt made the mistake of talking to The New York Times about how he and Noah bought up 17,700 sanitizing products from stores as far as 1,300 miles away in the hopes of reselling them online for a profit. Matt not only let the paper print his name and photo, but added that they made "crazy money" until Amazon cracked down on such price-gouging practices. He also said, "I’m not looking to be in a situation where I make the front page of the news for being that guy who hoarded 20,000 bottles of sanitizer"--which is exactly what happened. As just one Twitter user put it, "There is a special place in hell for hoarders of toilet paper and hand sanitizer or price gouging during this national emergency." Matt soon announced on his website, "The hand sanitizer in the New York Times story is being donated to a local church and first responders tomorrow." That wasn't good enough for authorities in Tennessee where the Colvin brothers live. The state sent workers out to confiscate the supplies, while the state Attorney General's office says they're investigating the brothers for possible illegal price gouging. Amazingly, Matt still told a local news outlet in a followup interview that he doesn't regret his actions. Read more here