The Scientific Reason People Are Hoarding TP...And How To Stop Yourself

Among the biggest questions that people are asking during the coronavirus epidemic is: Why are Americans hoarding toilet paper?

Social media has been flooded with pictures of sad, empty shelves where stacks upon stacks of the precious paper once lived. But according toBusiness Insider, there is an abundance of the stuff in our country and about 150 U.S. companies that manufacture it. So why DO people hoard? 

  • Hoarding makes them feel secure.
  • Toilet paper is relatively inexpensive, so it makes people feel like they are being proactive.
  • Animals -- humans included --a re genetically predisposed to hoarding.

The average household goes through approximately two rolls per person a week. For a family of four, that's eight rolls per week. If a family is quarantined for the recommended two weeks, that's 16 rolls. Use simple math and stop the insanity!