Want to Support A Struggling Restaurant? Buy a Gift Card

Small local businesses are hurting across the board as government officials discourage public gatherings to prevent the spread of coronavirus. And since so many of these businesses--especially restaurants--typically operate on narrow profit margins, it's no stretch to say many of them may be forced out of business by the time things get back to normal. So here's an idea: Buy a gift card now that you can redeem later. As Lifehacker explains, "The idea here is that you’ve given them some cash now to help make it through, and you can use that card down the line, when social distancing is no longer needed." Also, if you're ordering takeout, do it from a smaller, locally based proprietor instead of a national chain like Taco Bell, which would probably still be around even if the coronapocalypse lasted another decade. Read more here https://lifehacker.com/support-your-local-businesses-by-buying-gift-cards-to-u-1842310796