A Teacher Writes Letters To Every Student After School Closes For Year

Schools in Kansas are closed for the remainder of the year because of coronavirus concerns and one middle school teacher found a sweet way to let her students know she’s still thinking about them.Victoria Bayteaches sixth grade at Andover Central Middle School and because they were on spring break when the cancellation call was made, she didn’t get to say goodbye to her students.

"Knowing that they would never get to be in my classroom and be my students again was honestly devastating and heartbreaking,” Bay said. She wanted to let the kids know that even though she won’t be seeing them every day, they’re still on her mind. So she wrote a letter to each of her 100 students, telling them she was thankful for being their teacher and that she will miss them, along with a personal handwritten memory for each kid.

"Your teachers care about you and we have your best interest in mind," Bay wrote. "We are going to do whatever it takes to make the rest of your school year the best it can be regardless of what it looks like."

Source:Good Morning America