Amazon Is Hiring 100K New Workers

BillionaireJeff Bezospledged to hire 100,000 people who have lost a job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Amazon foundershared at Instagram,(quote) “Restaurants and bars are being forced to shut their doors. We hope people who’ve been laid off will come work with us.”

Bezos is focused on prioritizing shipments. Hiring a small army will help reduce delays in deliveries. He understands the value of medical supplies as well as “household staples, sanitizers and baby formula.” (Business Insider)

Forbesmagazine reportsthat Amazon is not alone. Several industries are in need of new hires. CVS stores will immediately hire 50,000 and the same for Dollar General. Walmart will hire 150,000. 7-11 needs another 20,000 employees. The online grocery delivery service InstaCart plans to hire 300,000 more shoppers before summer.