Loss of Taste & Smell Can Signal Coronavirus

This past Friday, British ear, nose and throat doctors called on adults who lose their sense of smell to isolate themselves for seven days--even if they show no other symptoms of having coronavirus. AsThe New York Timesand Eater note, losing one's taste of senses of taste in smell seems to be a common characteristic of otherwise healthy coronavirus victims like NBA All-Star Rudy Gobert. “Almost everybody who is hospitalized has this same story,” says Dr. Marco Metra, chief of the cardiology department at the main hospital in Brescia, Italy, where 700 of 1,200 inpatients have the coronavirus. “You ask about the patient’s wife or husband, and the patient says, ‘My wife has just lost her smell and taste, but otherwise she is well.’ So she is likely infected, and she is spreading it with a very mild form.” Read more here https://www.eater.com/2020/3/23/21190937/loss-of-taste-and-smell-emerges-as-symptom-of-coronavirus-covid-19