More Parents Aren’t Homeschooling Children Due To Stress

Being at home with the kids is stressful enough for a lot of parents, but add having to work remotely and home school kids and any mom or dad may just lose it. Well, it seems the stress is getting to be too much for some parents that they are opting to forgo homeschooling altogether.

"It's such an uncertain time right now. Our kids are going through this change," mom and middle school teacherChristine Tylertells Insider. "To add the stress of becoming a homeschool teacher – that was not something I was willing to take on."

While some schools are offering remote learning, a lot of them aren’t, which leaves all the teaching up to the parents, and many feel it’s unrealistic to expect them to take on the role. And even though some parents know that their children will fall behind, they feel the homeschooling will add to the stress children are already feeling in self-isolation.

Some are just simply letting their kids learn from life, doing art projects reading and even using the family computer to enjoy educational websites, math games and science videos. As one parent noted, “They all learn just by living, playing, reading.”