BEAR HUNT: Neighborhood Scavenger Party for Children

So-called “bear hunts” have emerged during social distancing. It’s a daily scavenger party to keep children amused. Something to look forward to each day.

Neighbors place stuffed animals and drawings in windows. On their daily walks, the children “hunt” for the bears. Each day, the animals can be placed in different windows. Some families switch animals in their window to create a unique scavenger hunt. The concept is based on the 1989 children’s book by Michael Rosen,We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Daniele Hamamdjian, with a four-year-old child,tweeted (quote) “It was really heartwarming. I got emotional looking at all the pictures. I think people just want to hang onto anything positive, even if it’s a stuffed animal in a window.”

Shanna Bonner Groomof Murfreesboro, Tennessee has seen kids dressed for the occasion in safari gear and binoculars. (quote) “Everybody’s trying to enjoy this time at home but do social distancing. So we’re trying to come up with fun activities. People are putting bear prints on their sidewalks with chalk.” (Timemagazine)