People Are Sharing How Coronavirus Is Affecting Their Relationship

Whether folks are quarantined together or forced to stay apart, there’s no doubt the coronavirus is having a major impact on some relationships, both good and bad.

Well, now a new thread on the anonymous Whipser app has folks sharing how the coronavirus quarantine has affected their relationships and we bet a lot of people can relate.

They include:

  • “I’m stuck in quarantine with a boyfriend I can’t stand and I want to break up with. This is the worst timing for a global crisis.”
  • “My long distance boyfriend can’t accept it’s not a good idea to see each other because of the coronavirus and quarantine. I think it’s selfish that he makes me feel guilty about being responsible.”
  • “Day 4 of not seeing my girlfriend: Facetime just isn’t the same when you’re wanting to cuddle. I can’t wait for this isolation/quarantine/lockdown to be over.”
  • “Being quarantined with my girlfriend hasn’t been so bad. It only made us more in love, honestly.”
  • “My boyfriend and I have been having so much sex with this coronavirus quarantine.”
  • “My husband and I can not stop arguing and I feel like this stupid coronavirus has made it worse.”
  • “When this coronavirus nightmare is over I’m divorcing my husband. Being stuck at home with him reminds me how much I despise him.”
  • “Being quarantined with my fiancé for the next 14 days and I’m dreading it more than anything. Honestly, not sure how are relationship will survive being stuck together.”
  • “Husband is a medic helping fight COVID 19. We can’t be in the same room together. My 10-month-old cries for him every day and can’t understand why daddy can’t hold her. Do your part, please.”
  • “My girlfriend thinks I won’t come over because of social distancing. In reality I just need space from her.”
  • “Social distancing has saved my marriage. It has forced us to stay home and deal with our marital issues.”
  • “Social distancing? That sounds like the last five years of my marriage.”