New Dating Site "Quarantine Together" Creating Connections From a Distance

Even in this current climate of coronavirus lockdown, a new dating site wants to help you continue to date, UPI reports. Quarantine Together aims to create connections between people who are social distancing. Developers Daniel Ahmadizadeh and Christopher Smeder say the site asks users at 6 p.m. each day if they have washed their hands, and if they answer yes, they are then connected to another user for a text chat. If the two users hit it off, they can switch to video chat after 15 minutes. "People need to stay home and people will be lonely when they stay at home," Ahmadizadeh told CNN. "We wanted to build something that is not just great for others, but for our selfish purposes so we don't get bored. I watch basketball when I get home but that's not on." He also said matched users know nothing about each other except for their names. "There are no rejections," he explained. "It's less about your photo or your bio, it's more about actually being able to talk to another person." Read more here