Overwhelmed Nursing Homes: Take Your Loved Ones Home

Nursing homes are sitting ducks for the coronavirus and one company’s CEO has a stark message for family of patients.

Scott LaRue, president and CEO of ArchCare, is urging families to take their loved ones home if at all possible. Facilities around the country are so short on supplies that single use N95 masks are being worn multiple times by nursing home staffs. Gowns are also being used multiple times.

Over the past week, nursing home coronavirus numbers have exploded. More than 400 long term care facilities have infected residents. It’s a 172-percent increase in ONE week.

The problem, according to experts, is the facilities are third in line behind hospitals and first responders in getting the protective gear they need. And that means sick staff members are helping spread the disease like wildfire.

LaRue has a stark statement about the crisis. "We're in a situation where it is impossible for us to stop the spread of the virus," LaRue says. "They say this is our highest-risk population — the one we have to protect the most — and they're not giving us what we need to do that."

Source:NBC News