Mom Creates Post-Isolation “Bucket List” To Lift Kids’ Spirits

Being stuck at home in self-quarantine is certainly getting to people, and it can be especially hard for kids who don’t understand why they can’t do all the things they usually do, or get to see all their friends. Well, one mom has come up with a great way to keep her kids hopeful and optimistic during the lockdown, and folks on social media are loving it.

In a post on Facebook,Katie Eborallshares that to keep things positive for her two and four year old, she came up with way for them to stop focusing on what theycan’tdo, and instead think about what they’ll be able to do once it all ends.

"Every time we wish we could do something, go somewhere, treat ourselves, see someone we love, visit a new place, invite people to visit us, we’re going to write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar," she shared. "When all this is over this will be our bucket list and we’ll work our way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in our lives.” She adds, “Until then we’ll enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to."

  • Well, Katie’s little bucket list idea has struck a cord with parents, with the post getting 132K shares from people all over the world. "What a lovely idea," one person noted. "Thank you for sharing."
  • "I never imagined it would reach so many people in so many places around the world," Eborall tells Cafe Mom. "It’s really humbling, and I’m very glad to have played even a small part in helping people in this truly difficult and challenging situation." She adds, "Seeing pictures of people’s jars and happy smiling faces has really helped me in return.”

Source:Café Mom