Another Episode Of "Tiger King" Is Coming!

If you can’t get enough of “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” you’ll love this. There will beone more episodeof reality docuseries. Los Angeles DodgerJustin Turner – one of the show’s super fans – tweeted outJeff Lowe’s announcement, which you can see on the right. Look for it for it in a week. 

Meanwhile,Joe Exotic has been talking from prison. Netflixtweeted out a videoof him answering questions. One of the things he wants his fans to know is that he’s through with theCarole Baskin saga. In case you missed it – or haven’t watched yet – Joe is serving 22 years for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill Baskin.Check out what he had to say on the right…

Finally,John Finlay – one of Joe’s ex-husbands – says that if “Tiger King” gets the Hollywood treatment,he wants either Channing Tatum or Shia LaBeouf to play him. “He’s always had a special place in my heart,” Finlay says of Channing. “He did a shout-out to my distant cousin; she died of stage-four brain cancer. When he did his shout-out, he did it because it was on her bucket list.” John says that if “Magic Mike” weren’t available, the “Honey Boy” star “would probably be a good choice because with a beard he can look like [him], and he can relate to [him].”

Source:Justin Turner