“TIME” Mag Offers List Of 27 People “Bridging The Divide”

As the country practices social distancing, “TIME” is honoring those “bridging the divide.” The magazine has published a list of the 27 people doing their best to unite citizens across borders, language and cultural barriers – from diversity educators, to bilingual medical workers, to mobile stylists, and more.

Chris Evansis one of the only celebrities on the list, which highlights his website launching later this year, “A Starting Point.” Fans may know him best as Captain America, and the actor is stepping into the role by bringing together Americans who may feel alienated by politics, especially those – like the actor himself – who have had trouble understanding the policies being discussed.

“I’ve been guilty of participating in political debates where I didn’t have all the information,” he says, explaining his upcoming website offering organized political information in plain language. “When I went to try and educate myself a bit, I thought it was shockingly difficult to find a simple way in.”

  • Check out “TIME’s” full list of those “bridging the divideHERE.