Almost Half Of Women Never Had A “Sex Talk” With Parent

As embarrassing as it may be, most kids learn about sex by getting “the talk” from parents, but apparently a lot of moms and dads are skipping that part of parenting. 

A new survey of 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 50 finds:

  • 46% never had a “sex talk” with either parent.
  • Of the 38% that did get the talk, the average age when they got it was 12.
  • Of those who got the sex talk:
    • 54% were given a book about bodily functions
    • 46% say parents used euphemisms to explain sex.
    • 34% were shown an awkward video.
    • Only 47% were taught about birth control.
  • Sexual education in school was apparently not that great either, with 40% saying they lacked adequate sex ed in school.
  • If they did have it, the average student was taught sex ed in ninth grade.
  • The most common sex ed topics taught in school were:
    • Sexually transmitted diseases (56%)
    • Pregnancy and birth (51%)
    • What is sex (50%)
    • Sexual anatomy (47%)
    • Sexual orientations (47%)
    • Consent (30%)

Source:SWNS Digital