This is The Most Difficult Age To Parent A Child

It’s no secret that parenting is difficult, and probably even more so now that moms and dads are stuck in the house with their children all day. But parenting does get easier, or more difficult, depending on the age of your kid, and a new study reveals when it can be its worst.

A new survey finds:

  • Most parents say eight is the most difficult age to parent a child.
  • 25% of parents say kids have the most brutal meltdowns between six and eight.
  • Many parents were surprised that age six was easier than they expected.
  • But, parents add that six is the average age where kids are most likely to embarrass them.
  • The top ways kids embarrass parents include:
    • Shouting something inappropriate (33%)
    • Undressing in public (28%)
    • Accidentally taking something without paying for it (27%)
    • Getting lost in a store (26%)
    • Having a tantrum (26%)
    • Messy with food (25%)
    • Hitting a sibling (23%)
    • Fighting with a sibling (22%)
    • Asking embarrassing questions (22%)
    • Knocking over a store display (21%) 
  • On a positive note, things do eventually get better when it comes to parenting. In fact, the survey finds that the average age where parents start seeing their child as a friend is 19. 

Source:SWNS Digital