These Are The Worst Easter Treat, According to

Everything’s definitely going to be different for Easter this year, but some things don’t have to change. We can all still enjoy the foods we love and expect this time of year like sweet glazed ham, hard-boiled eggs, chocolate bunnies, and, of course,all the candies!

We all have our favorites. The best, naturally, is my favorite: Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. But we can also easily name some of the lamest candies from Easters past. polled 19-thousand people on their least favorite Easter candies and you might find the results surprising. Even though it’s a candy that might be most associated with Easter, it turns out that Cadbury Creme Eggs are universally believed to be the worst, according to this poll!

Not only are the shells made of “low quality” chocolate, but it’s near impossible to eat one without creating a sticky mess. Other least favorites from the poll are Hot Tamales Peeps, chocolate crosses, and jellybeans.

So this year for Easter while we’re doing things a little different, maybe we should only include the things we love and ditch some of the traditions that we only keep for nostalgia and not because we actually enjoy them!

Source:The Daily Meal

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