How The Coronavirus Is Affecting American Teens

The coronavirus is affecting pretty much everyone’s lives in different ways, and that includes teens who are stuck home from school, can’t see their friends and more. So, how are they dealing with self-isolation? Well, a new survey reveals just that. 

According to the Common Sense survey, teens have a lot on their mind right now:

  • 61% of teens are worried that they or someone in their family will be exposed to the virus.
  • Another 63% are worried about the virus’ impact on their family’s ability to make a living or earn money.
  • Because of all this social distancing, 42% of teens say they feel “more lonely than usual,” while 43% feel “about as lonely as usual.
  • Girls are more likely to feel more lonely than boys (49% vs. 36%).

So, how are teens staying connected to fight off that loneliness?

  • 65% are touching base with friends through texting and social media, with 37% connecting with friends they haven’t talked to in awhile.
  • Even with that, 48% say they feel less connected to their friends than usual.
  • 59% of teens are connecting with family or friends outside the home at least once a day.
  • Ways they connect to them include:
    • Texting (83%)
    • Phone calls (72%)
    • Social media (66%)
    • Video chats (66%)
  • On a positive note, 40% of teens feel more connected to their families.

Source:Yahoo Finance