Coronavirus Quarantine Leading To Affair Discovery & Divorces

A lot of things will likely change once the coronavirus self-quarantine is over, and according to some experts, that could include people’s marital status. Attorneys are predicting a surge in divorces due to the coronavirus, because a lot of spouses are apparently discovering that their S.Os are carrying on affairs.

For example, one woman had a suspicion that her husband was cheating, and it was seemingly confirmed when they were stuck together at home. According to one lawyer, the woman found her hubby was being “super protective of the phone, in a way that seems out of character." She also noted he was going out for long bike rides, where she suspected he was meeting his mistress and having sex. The woman told the lawyer, “Not only does that make me feel like crap, but then he’s exposing our whole family to a possible Covid-19 contact.”

Other lawyers note that the spouses who are having affairs have also contacted them because due to the self-quarantine they are unhappy and can’t see their lover. “The level of frustration [with their spouses] is enhanced, because they’re precluded from engaging in activities that they’d prefer to engage in,”Sandy Ain, a partner at Ain & Bank, told the “Washingtonian.”

And if China is any predictor, divorce rates should increase once this whole thing is over. Reports say divorce rates surged in China last month as the country began emerging from lockdown.

Source:Daily Caller