Americans Dread Spring Cleaning

As if folks weren’t cleaning their houses enough lately thanks to the coronavirus, it’s around now when a lot of people start tackling their spring cleaning chores, and it isn’t that shocking to hear that most people hate it.

According to a new survey:

  • The average person spends 26 minutes a week cleaning, which translates to 1,342 minutes a year, or 57 days.
  • When it comes to a thorough cleaning, the average person tackles that once every three weeks, while 10% wait six weeks or more in between thorough cleanings.
  • 60% admit they only do a major cleaning in the spring and before the holidays.
  • 55% of Americans consider spring cleaning the most dreaded time of the year.

In fact, people hate spring cleaning so much that many would rather do anything else if it meant avoiding it,  including:

  • Go to the DMV (34%)
  • Run a mile (34%)
  • Read Moby Dick (31%)
  • Get a bad haircut (22%)
  • Eat PB+J every day for lunch (16%)

As for what qualifies as the most hated spring cleaning tacks, cleaning windows inside and out tops the list (26%), followed by:

  • Dust blinds and windows (25%)
  • Dust shelves (18%)
  • Wash baseboards (16%)
  • Clean oven (15%)
  • Wash refrigerator inside and out (15%)

Source:SWNS Digital