Mom Applauded For Telling Teacher Son Is Done With School

Kids have been home from school for weeks now and it’s understandable that their new teachers, their parents, are a bit fed up. Well, now one mother has announced her decision to stop teaching her kid, and she’s receiving lots of kudos online for her bold statement.

MomSarah Parcakrecently took to Twitter to share that she sent an email to her son’s first grade teacher to let her know “we will not be participating in her “virtual classroom” and that he was done with the 1st grade.” She explains, “We cannot cope with this insanity. Survival and protecting his well being come first.”

The mom also fought back against those offering “help or resources,” noting her and her husband's work just keeps them too busy to homeschool, explaining, "his happiness trumps crappy math worksheet management.” In addition to work they both are trying to “cook, manage cleaning, have a garden,” noting her son's “education is a bridge too far right now,” and explaining, “The thought of homeschooling makes me want to barf. It’s a f**king joke.”

But, even though he’s not going to school, Sarah’s son is still learning. She says he’s reading a lot, playing outside, he gets history lessons and more. “Our goal is to have our son come out of this happy and not be long term emotionally scarred (lord knows life will do that anyways),” she shares, telling other parents, “I give you permission to Let It All Go. It doesn’t f**king matter. School doesn’t f**king matter right now. All your kids will remember is how they were loved. Promise.”

While her stance may seem a bit extreme, she is being applauded for it online.

  • "I keep screaming it out that no one needs to deal with this," one commenter shared. "Reading aloud, playing, cooking together, online math games -- it all counts. If it isn’t working STOP!"
  • "Absolutely agree on this," another noted. "Every child/family different. I'm currently inundated with emails/robocalls from school. Art and music teacher with recommended work? For fourth grade? C'mon. No."
Sarah Parcak✔@indyfromspace
We just wrote a hard email. I told our son’s (lovely, kind, caring) teacher that, no, we will not be participating in her “virtual classroom”, and that he was done with the 1st grade. We cannot cope with this insanity. Survival and protecting his well being come first.
5:57 AM - Apr 8, 2020
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