Majority Of Americans Concerned About Re-Opening The Country Too Soon

While lots of people, including the president, are anxious to re-open the country, and the economy, which has been in lockdown since the coronavirus outbreak hit, it seems plenty of Americans are wary of things moving too fast. 

A new Harris Poll finds:

  • 84% of Americans are concerned that easing-off restrictions too soon will cause a surge in coronavirus cases.
  • 74% believe the number of cases need to go down before it’s okay for Americans to return to work.
  • 67% want to see proper testing in place before folks return to the office. 

So, when to Americans think we should return to our normal life?

  • 51%, think it will take more than a month.
  • 23% say three to for weeks from now.
  • 18% say more than six months from now.
  • 9% say one to two weeks from now.. 

Source:Harris Poll