This Guy Has Become The World’s P.E. Teacher

Having to teach kids from home while schools are closed is bad enough, but trying to get rambunctious little ones to settle down and learn when they’re cooped up inside all day? That can feel impossible. Without P.E. classes and recess at school lots of kids have no outlet for their endless energy and that’s why Joe Wicks is stepping up to help.

Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is already a famous fitness instructor in the U.K. with millions of subscribers to his YouTube channel. And now he’s doing live 30-minute exercise sessions Monday through Friday aimed at helping kids stay active at home. Millions of people are watching and now he’s known as “The world’s favorite P.E. teacher.”

He keeps kiddos engaged with signature moves including the Pikachu, the kangaroo, and Spider-Man lunges. You don’t need special equipment to take part in the sessions, but he does sometimes dress up in fun costumes and encourage kids to do the same. The “P.E. with Joe” classes are live weekdays at 9am U.K. time, which is 4am EST, but they’re also available to stream on his YouTube page.


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