Mistakes, Glitches & Tax Preparer Issues Means Delay of Stimulus Checks

Millions have still not received their stimulus check and have trouble finding more information at the IRS website, according to theWashington Post. “Payment Status Not Available," is a message many are seeing when they try the tracker on the site, despite meeting requirements for a check.

Others have gotten direct deposits for incorrect amounts. They will be able to notify the IRS about that when they receive a notification letter in the mail. Millions who use tax prep sites might have a delay because the federal government may not have their bank information. Those who paid their tax prep fees from their refund or got their tax refund in advance from tax preparers are especially affected by this. The reason is that the federal government has the tax preparer's bank information, not individual information. People must use the IRS website to update their information, although at least one person was told they must wait for a paper check. Paper checks with President Trump’s signature are expected to start going out next week to those whose did not get direct deposits when filing taxes. Read more here https://www.washingtonpost.com/