STIMULUS CHECKS: Beware of Robocall Scams

Many Americans are receiving stimulus checks and tax refunds in the coming weeks – and that means scammers will be out in full force with deceiving robocalls and more.

According to data tracked by Hiya, a company whose mobile apps help identify potentially fraudulent calls, since the stimulus package was announced, scam calls have surged by more than 800% -- and now that the checks are coming in, it’s only going to get worse.

The most common of these scam calls request banking information and social security numbers to confirm direct deposit of your checks; others purport to sell at-home COVID-19 testing kits and vaccines.

This is important to know: You will NEVER get a call from the government for this information, so never give it out!

A rep from Hiya toldBusiness Insider, "Under no condition would anyone from the federal government call asking for bank account details, social security numbers, or other personal information.” As for the fake coronavirus cures and testing, the rep said, “There are no known cures or preventative treatments for COVID-19 at this time. Never give credit card or checking account information to anyone claiming to sell coronavirus tests or remedies."