STUCK AT HOME: Ways to Thank Healthcare Workers

A doctor working the frontlines confessed the COVID-19 crisis has taken a heavy emotional toll. DoctorDorothy Novickshared what has lifted up her hospital colleagues (quote) “Tell us you are proud. You believe in our mission. We feel loved when you remind us to be careful.”

The doctor stressed how words of compassion ease their tension. While reminders of ugly headlines only amplify their anxieties. Doctor Novick admitted (quote) “We are frightened. We are frightened for our safety, for our patients, for the spouses and children we might expose.”

Doctors, nurses and paramedics are living through trauma. Show your love and support by expressing compassion and admiration at the awesome job they’re achieving by saving lives. Doctor Novick highlighted a note she received a relative (quote) “I am holding you in my heart. The professional skill, kindness and tenacity you give your patients I am sure is a comfort in this darkness. Sending much love.” (The Washington Post)