Small Business Of The Day - Jinja Bar & Bistro

Our friends at Jinja Bar & Bistro have reopened for takeout and curbside delivery at all three locations. Run.....don't walk...and order the Heavenly Beef. Or the Shaking Beef. Or the Tiger Shrimp. OR ALL OF IT!! And make sure to get the Avocado Tempura and the Macadamia Tart!!! (Can you tell that we go all the time?)

Westside - 5400 Sevilla Ave. 505-792-8776

NE Heights - 8900 Holly Ave NE. Ste. B 505-856-1413

Santa Fe- 510 N. Guadalupe 505-982-4321

All locations are open Mon-Sun Noon-8pm. You can order online here: