Grants Mayor Allowing Small Businesses To Reopen Today

From KOB-TV/Kai Porter

The mayor of Grants plans to defy governor’sPublic Health Order, reopen his city on Monday.

“I’m not going to have a town anymore if she keeps this up,’” said Martin “Modey” Hicks.

He’s encouraging businesses in Grants, deemed non-essential under the governor's Public Health Orders, to reopen on Monday.

“I can’t make them open. It’s up to them,” said Hicks.

Hicks, who is a Democrat, feels the governor's Public Health Order is unconstitutional.

“The bottom line is, here’s the killer thing for me, is if Walmart and Smith’s can open with social distancing, then why can’t a clothing store, why can’t a liquor store, why can’t a gun store as long as they follow the same guidelines,” he said. “She says they’re not essential. But if that’s the only way these people put food on their family is through that business, the by god that business is essential to them.”

Hicks is also requiring city staff return to work Monday. He also plans on reopening the city's golf course.

However, he said senior centers and the city library will remain closed.