Your Sofa Is Dirtier Than Your Toilet!

Spending a lot of time on your couch these days? This will have you getting off of it ... and reaching for a vacuum and some fabric cleaner. Seems your couch has more germs than a toilet seat. “Couches are going to be germy due to the fact that we as humans shed millions of bacteria and other microbes from our bodies every hour,” says Jason Tetro, a microbiologist and author of The Germ Files.

Vacuuming and cleaning your couch with an upholstery cleaner is good, but according to Tetro, the best way to get it really clean and kill germs is to steam clean it. But the good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on an expensive steam cleaner. Ahandheld garment steamerwill do the trick. (Well and Good)