Most Americans Find A Messy Car A Turnoff

When it comes to dating, even the slightest thing can be a turnoff for some, and apparently for a lot of people one of those turnoffs is a messy car.

A new survey finds:

  • 70% of folks think having a dirty car is a huge turnoff.
  • 51% of people would actually end a date early if someone showed up with a messy car.
  • 23% have ended a relationship because of a dirty vehicle.

This isn’t good news, because it seems a lot of folks don’t like to keep their car clean.

  • In fact, 49% of people admit they have a messy car.
  • 68% of those with messy cars are embarrassed to have other people in them.
  • 45% say containing their car mess is overwhelming.
  • 24% say they avoid cleaning their car because they know it will just get messy again.
  • 41% don’t think it’s important to have a clean car, while 20% wouldn’t know where to begin the cleaning.
  • And some people hate cleaning their car so much that they’d rather clean almost anything else, including:
    • Dishes (36%)
    • Dusty shelves (29%)
    • Kitchen sink (27%)
    • Toilet (24%)
    • Bathtub (24%) 

Source:SWNS Digital