“Sidewalk Susan” Power Washes Kids’ Chalk Art Off Sidewalk

A woman is being dubbed “Sidewalk Susan” for taking the fun out of a kid’s project.

The viral video shows “Susan” power washing a child’s sidewalk chalk art away as the young girl watches, crying. “Susan” comments “We don’t want to have to look down at this mess.”

A woman can be heard defending her daughter and telling the woman to look away if she doesn’t want to see the mess. “We live here,” Sidewalk Susan says back while continuing to erase the artwork.

Needless to say, the social media universe is strongly against “SS”. many commenters noted that sidewalk chalk art is a big thing right now and that even adults are into it.

But yeah, Sidewalk Chalk Susan would’ve been at the very least cursed out & sprayed down with that same water hose she was using had this been my child 😒https://twitter.com/hibzsta___/status/1256021978542231553 …
white women dead ass love bothering ppl out of boredom like how the hell does a child drawing chalk on the driveway gets you upset lmfaooooo

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7:55 AM - May 2, 2020
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Susan Holdsworth@citylifesue
Interactive sidewalk chalk art in Inglewood.
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7:44 AM - Apr 30, 2020
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Source:Daily Dot