Having A Nooner Could Be The Boost Your Sex Life Needs

Despite all the together time couples are having these days, some sex lives are taking a hit. Even if your partner’s habits aren’t getting on your nerves and you still like each other weeks into lockdown, the stress of the state of the world and working from home may be leaving you too tired for regular pre-bedtime sex. But if you’re looking to breakup your workday routine, taking a sex break could be a good fix, according to sexperts.

Sex and relationship expertDr. Tammy Nelsonsays sex in general is more important now than ever since a lot of us are feeling “generally discouraged about life.” And she suggests, “Day sex is a great idea.” Taking a break from working to get down with your partner can be a mood booster, help you connect with your partner and make the rest of your day better, too.

Sarrah Rose, a tantric sex therapist and certified sex, love and relationship coach, explains that being bombarded with news stories about the pandemic and work-related issues “push us into hyperstress.” She points out that daytime sex can help lower those stress levels and alleviate tension, adding, “It gets us into the moment by boosting our oxytocin, hormones, and dopamine levels.” So even if you have to put your sex date on the calendar to make it happen, it’s 100% recommended by these experts.