“Ozark” The Most-Streamed Show For Those Starting New Series In Quarantine

Folks stuck at home are taking the time to start new shows now that they’ve started to run out of episodes of their favorite programs. The most popular streaming show among those diving into new content? “Ozark” starringJason Bateman.

“Reelgood” did a study on what people are choosing for their new binge-watch amid the coronavirus, and Netflix’s “Ozark” is on top with almost 9-percent of the viewership. It managed to beat the wildly popular “Tiger King” docuseries, along with classics like “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Westworld.”

Thinking of diving into the dark and captivating world of “Ozark?” You have three seasons to catch up on – check out the trailer HERE.

Source:Daily Caller