Sephora Is Donating Beauty Products To Healthcare Workers

Lots of companies are doing what they can to support healthcare workers and now Sephora is joining in. The beauty supply chain is starting a “Project Care” program, which will be delivering more than 65-thousand beauty products to medical professionals and those working with domestic violence in communities across the U.S.

Here’s how it works: Employees at Sephora’s stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices will nominate 500 people who deserve recognition and each of them will receive a delivery of 100 kits filled with Sephora skincare products, including an eye mask, cleansing wipes, a face mask, and lip balm. Those individuals will then distribute them to their coworkers, getting them to a total of 50-thousand healthcare professionals in all.

And on top of that, Sephora is donating 15-thousand Play! Beauty boxes to 150 women’s shelters that help victims of domestic violence. On June 1st, the store is also launching face masks that will sell for $10 each and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Together Stronger emergency coronavirus relief fund.

Source:Good Morning America