Survey: Moms Want Takeout For Mother’s Day

If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating Mother’s Day with your mom this Sunday, you may be planning to make her brunch. But a new survey from U.S. Foods reveals that’s not what most moms really want. According to the poll of over 2-thousand mothers in all 50 states, only 19% want brunch, while 48% prefer dinner. But the majority of mothers (53%) just want takeout or delivery from their favorite restaurant for Mother’s Day.

Nothing could be easier than calling to order from the place of her choice, but if you really want to cook, 39% of moms say they’re up for a homemade meal and 74% prefer comfy classics more than indulgent and fancy foods. But that doesn’t mean they want it to be healthy. The survey finds guilty pleasure foods are what 64% of moms want and who can blame them.

Source:The Daily Meal