*LIST* The Best States To Make A Living

Where you live may play a huge role in whether you have a hard or easy time making a living, and now a new report reveals the states where folks will have the easiest time doing so.

  • MoneyRates.com just came out with their 10thannual list of the Best States to Make A Living.
  • They ranked each state based on things like cost of living, median wages, state taxes, unemployment rates, and workplace safety.
  • This year they also factored in the rate at which states have been losing jobs due to the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Surprisingly, topping the list this year is Washington state, even though they were hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak, resulting in job losses.
  • Washington, which has led the list for five of the ten years, is tops thanks to residents having the fourth highest median income of any state, plus they have low cost of living and no state income tax.

Top Ten Best States To Make A Living

  1. Washington
  2. North Dakota
  3. Minnesota
  4. Michigan
  5. Texas
  6. Illinois
  7. Kansas
  8. Tennessee
  9. Colorado
  10. Oklahoma
  • As for the worst state to make a living, that would be Hawaii, which has the highest cost of living in the nation, as well as the second-highest income tax.