Most Americans Are Sharing Their Streaming Service Accounts

Most people enjoy watching streaming services in their homes these days, especially now, but it seems not everyone is paying for those services.

A new survey finds:

  • 74% of streaming customers share their account with at least one person.
  • 37% share their streaming service accounts with people they don’t live with, including:
    • Family members (25%)
    • Close friends/partners (10%)
    • Acquaintances/strangers they do not live with (2%)

And it seems all of those people, whether they pay or not, are relying on streaming services now more than ever.

  • 47% of subscribers say they’ve increased their streaming in the past 30 days.
  • 36% say their streaming time has remained the same.
  • Only 5% are watching less.

As for the most popular service, it’s no surprise to find out it’s Netflix.

  • 75% of Americans pay for Netflix
  • 56% pay for Amazon Prime
  • 40% pay for Hulu.

As for why Netflix is the most popular, reasons include:

  • It was the first.
  • It offers the most original content.