Small Business of the Day - Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger has been locally owned since 1978. With 10 friendly employees and 42 years of business,Paper Tiger is the solution to all of your printing and mailing needs.

We’re your single source for business, personal and marketing projects. Think of us when you are ready to advertise, design, print, ship, and even send a unique gift.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides great service. We’ll listen to your ideas and transform them into beautiful results that you’ll be proud of. Then we’ll package and deliver them for you.

Our direct/bulk mail department can help you print, stuff, label and mail, including delivery to the Post Office.And if you need to create or manage your mailing list, we can help.

Paper Tiger was founded on the principle of customer service. This commitment permeates our company culture. “How can I help you?” is the attitude we strive to present whether you call or visit us in person.

Visit them online at or give them a call at 505 983-3101

They are fully available for all print jobs and mail jobs. They will deliver your order right to you too!