People Will Spend Over 300,000 Hours Looking At Screens Over A Lifetime

Hardly a day goes by...if not an hour or even a minute...that folks aren’t looking at some sort of screen, and now a new survey reveals just how bad it’s gotten. 

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • The average adult will spend a total of 34 years looking at screens.
  • That means 4,866 hours a year - or 301,733 hours - over an average lifetime of 62 years will be spent looking at phones, TVs, laptops and more.
  • That’s more than 13 hours a day spent on screens, including:
    • Three and a half hours a day looking at TV
    • At least four hours in front of a laptop
    • Two hours and 25 minute staring at their phones
    • An hour and 39 minutes on a tablet.
    • Not to mention time on e-Readers and gaming devices.
  • And while those numbers may seem like a lot, less than 10% find these numbers surprising, and only 19% are concerned by them.
  • Sadly, folks say half the time they are on these screens they aren’t being productive.
  • Still, 64% wouldn’t be able to live without their screen time, especially now.
  • 17% actually feel anxious away from their phone for too long.

Source:SWNS Digital