This Is The "Riskiest" Room In Your Home

Regardless of how careful you are in protecting yourself from the coronavirus, experts say there's one thing everybody does that puts them at high risk for developing COVID-19: going to the bathroom. "Bathrooms have a lot of high touch surfaces, door handles, faucets, stall doors," says Erin Bromage, a biology professor at the University of Massachusetts. "Treat public bathrooms with extra caution." In addition to hosting potentially infected surfaces, bathrooms offer ideal coronavirus launchpads in the form of toilets, which send droplets of fecal matter and other germs into the air every time they're flushed, Bromage says. "We still do not know whether a person releases infectious material in feces or just fragmented virus, but we do know that toilet flushing does aerosolize many droplets," she notes. She recommends closing the lid before flushing the toilet to minimize the amount airborne particles.